A clamp that fits onto most table surfaces, the uniclamp can also be split into two parts to fit other configurations. Consisting of an upper and lower bracket, it provides better attachment to surfaces such as cubicle partitions or walls.


Zenith Clamp

This function-rail clamp is
uniquely designed for Zenith’s range of tables. With its superior strength, this clamp supports the monitor arm by attaching itself onto the table rail.


Slide Clamp

The slide clamp is a well-designed tool that acts as an indispensable solution to fit any irregular table design. It is also handy for use on tables with cable management casing.


Steelcase Clamp

An exclusive design for steelcase, this function-rail clamp is brilliantly designed to fastened the monitor arm onto “Frame One” function-rail.


Square Uniclamp

A universal clamp that is capable of being mounted onto most tables, the clamp features two posts supporting a dual arm mounting solution.

Grommet Clamp

Designed to fit the cable cord hole on your desk, the grommet clamp fastens onto your desk by taking up minimal space.



T4 Clamp

A one-of-a-kind clamp specially
designed for use on the Temptation 4 – a top selling table at Sedus. This clamp is most suited to support a single monitor arm.


MR Clamp

Uniquely catered for Sedus, this
multi-clamp is engineered to fit onto a rail that is mounted between two tables.


Square T4 Clamp

This exclusive clamp is designed
for dual arm mounting on the Sedus’ Temptation 4 to retain the table’s elegance and functionality.


Square Grommet Clamp

With the ability to mount two arms for dual monitor support, the SQ grommet clamp is perfect for use on tables sporting the cable cord hole.