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Sitting Posture

Reduce the risk of poor posture and get rid of laptop hunch with the Znote’s multi-directional adjustment abilities which provides effortless fine tuning. The use of the Znote instantly transforms your sitting posture into a more comfortable one.



One Size Fits All

Equipped with an expandable laptop tray, the Znote can accommodate various laptops sizes, ranging from 10″ – 17″.


Monitor Size Supportable: 10″ to 17″ (254~432mm)
(Monitor Size for reference only; Weight Supportable should be key factor)
Monitor Weight Supportable: 3~11 kg (6.6~24.3 lbs)
Extended Arm Reach (from Desk Edge): 692 mm
Vertical Arm Adjustment Range: 296 mm (11.7″)
Arm Swivel Range (CW/CCW)2: 360° (With 180° lock-out feature to protect walls and screens)
Laptop Tilt Range: Forward -25.0° / Backward 10°
Warranty Period: Limited 10 Years
Sustainability: 29% recycled and 99% recyclable content

viewing comfort

Modular Construction

Watch the Znote transform from supporting laptops to monitors, all thanks to its modular design. Its ease of interchangeability also means it can double up as a crossbar for the Ztwin.


Optimise Your Viewing Angle

No matter how well-designed a laptop is, it will never meet ergonomic needs. However, the Znote can change this and help you achieve your desired viewing angle with ease. Its flexible arm allows you to adjust the laptop to your ideal height and depth setting. This is made possible through a spring technology that acts as a balancing force against your laptop to help it suspend effortlessly.

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