Enhance Ease of Management

View multiple programmes and keep track of your work at a glance. With the Ztor’s amazing ability to support four monitors, you can have better control of all your screens while seated comfortably.


See More with Less

Gain a full view of all four monitors with a smaller viewing angle by having the screen stacked above each other, made possible with the design of Ztor. Not only are you able to minimise head rotation and maintain visual contact with all four monitors, it also occupies lesser space on your work desk.


Monitor Size Supportable: 4 x 30″ max
(Monitor Size for reference only; Weight Supportable should be key factor)
Monitor Weight Supportable: 3~11 kg (6.6~24.3 lbs) per monitor
Extended Arm Reach (from Desk Edge): 502 mm
Vertical Arm Adjustment Range: 296 mm (11.7″)
VESA Compliance: 75 mm2 and 100 mm2
Arm Swivel Range (CW/CCW)2: 360° 
Monitor Pivot Range: 90° CW/CCW, Portrait/Landscape
Monitor Tilt Range: Forward 32.0° / Backward 27.5°
Quick Release for VESA Attachment: For ease of Monitor replacement
Quick Release for Mounting Attachment: For ease of transition to Laptop mounting
Desk Fixing Options: Big Uniclamp 
Standard Clamp Thickness Range: Big Uniclamp 18~60 mm (0.71″~2.36″)
Warranty Period: Limited 10 Years
Sustainability: 29% recycled and 99% recyclable content
Side-Panel Color available: screen-shot-2016-10-17-at-12-53-34-am
Cable Management: Concealed within upper arm


Innovative Crossbar Structure

This smart frame serves as an integrated solution that provides ease of management for both monitors and cables. It also features a spring adjustment that caters to easy modifications.


Work Smarter

Multi task effecively with the Ztor’s sleek and effective set-up. You can independently control each of your monitor by keeping your work applications organised in separate screens. With a tool-less installation, your screens are easily mounted to the Ztor so you will have the freedom and flexibility to alternate your monitors anytime you want.