Maximise The Workspace

Optimise the space on your work desk instantly by utilising the wasted space previously taken up by traditional monitor stands.



Increase Productivity

Increase your work efficiency without compromising on your comfort with dual display capabilities. The Ztwin provides a wider viewing angle and allows you to multi task effectively with two monitors.


Monitor Size Supportable: 2 x 24″ max (Monitor Size for reference only; Weight Supportable should be key factor)
Monitor Weight Supportable: 3~4.5 kg (6.6~8.8 lbs) per Monitor
Extended Arm Reach (from Desk Edge): 692 mm
Vertical Arm Adjustment Range: 296 mm (11.7″)
VESA Compliance: 75 mm2 and 100 mm2
Arm Swivel Range (CW/CCW)2: 360°
Monitor Pivot Range: 90° CW, Portrait/Landscape
Monitor Tilt Range: Forward -5° / Backward 21°
Warranty Period: Limited 10 Years
Sustainability: 29% recycled and 99% recyclable content
Cable Management: Aligned by Cable-Management Clips

minimum contact,
maximum support

Cost-Effective Solution

Get more with less through our unique and robust system whereby only one crossbar is required to support two monitors. When applied on a large scale throughout the office, this will result in significant cost savings.


Double Your Productivity

Enjoy a more comfortable working experience in a fast-paced environment with the Ztwin’s dual display capabilities. Whether it is referencing important information, sharing critical data or working on multiple documents simultaneously, perform them with ease as you no longer have to scramble and switch between programme applications and multiple windows. This approach enables you to maximise every inch of your monitors.

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