zgo range of products

Single Display

Back pain is a common problem for workers nowadays. The Zgo monitor arm helps users achieve a ergonomic sitting posture by allowing them to make easy adjustments to the height and depth of the screen.

Multi Display

Zgo’s integrated multi-display solutions help to better control and manage multiple monitors. It comes with flexible adjustment capabilities to provide users with more options to work with.

Mobile Devices

As companies embrace the concept of a ‘future office’ that hinges on mobility, collaborative workspaces and new devices, there is no better time than now to re-think about the functional demands of our workplace.

cutting-edge technologies

Spring Technology home_tech_1

Zgo’s spring is compress to provide a balancing force against the monitor weight, allows the monitor to “float” and to be adjusted effortlessly and continuously.

Unparalled Usability home_tech_1

Zgo unique ‘four bar’ mechanism provides smooth and frictionless tilt to create glare free viewing of the screen.

Concealed Cables home_tech_1

Monitor cables are cleverly contained, retained and hidden from view, provides a clean and tidy desk.

home_tech_4Tool-Less Installation

Zgo’s two piece interlocking desk clamp provides rapid, effortless attachment to desktops with a thickness range of 18mm/0.71” to 60mm/2.36”

home_tech_4Quick Release Mount

Zgo offers two quick release mechanisms enabling rapid screen interchange or alternatively replacement of the screen with a laptop (Znote).

home_tech_4180° Lock Out

This unique feature prevents the monitor from colliding with a glass wall or privacy screen

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Introducing our suite of innovative and award-winning monitor arms, designed and proven to combat back pain.

Know more about the function of zgo arm and its family.  Explore the amazing configuration to designed for multiple display and mobile device. These solutions will transform your workspace into a healthy and work efficient place.

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