Multiple Display Solutions

Multiple-display solutions: an ongoing trend


Studies has shown that multiple-display solutions can increase productivity by as much as 20-30%. In a 2015 survey conducted in the U.K., there is an increasing trend of users who are relying on more than one monitor display for work. Declining monitor prices is a contributing factor that has led to the popularity of multiple-display solutions

Source: Rhoda Alexander, heads monitor and tablet research at IHS iSuppli. February 8, 2012, New York Times “in Data Deluge, Multitaskers Go To Multiscreen”

Why do we need multiple-display solutions
Users may be feeling the strain and frustration at work owing to the following daily work scenarios:




How can we multiple-display solutions help at work?

This first major study on multi-monitor productivity was published as early as 2003 by NEC. ATI Technologies and the University of Utah, as a joint research effort. The study, Productivity and Multiscreen Displays, found that multi-monitor desktop configurations were ‘significantly more useful’ and ‘preferred on every measure of usability’ when compared with a standard single-screen set-up.


How do Zgo’s solutions work?

Zgo’s solutions are easy to use and straightforward to set up as compared to monitor stands. Additionally, the use of monitor stands tend to occupy too much space and not meet ergonomic needs. A monitor stand’s set-up also makes it difficult to keep track of each monitor individually.


Use of dual monitor screens significantly increased the range of head-neck rotation, especially when the monitors are positioned poorly.


Positioning of quadruple monitor screen drives the range of head-neck rotation even further. In such scenarios, the wider viewing range does not promote a conducive work environment.

Zgo’s integrated multi-display solutions help to better control and manage multiple monitors. It comes with flexible adjustment capabilities to provide users with more options to work with.

Leveraging on a strong arm that can support monitors of up to 30″, Zgo offers users the option to work with bigger screens. As a result, users will spend less time on tasks such as scrollign throught large amount of data on small screens and will also find extracting information easier on the eye.

By utilising an integrated solution and modular system assembly, users also get to kick start the work day instead of worrying and spending time to set up and make adjustments.